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Our Team

CCA Staff 01/17

If you'd like to find out more about CCA's international development work, contact our team at the coordinates below.

If you're unsure of who to contact, email or give us a call at

Phone us at 613-238-6711

Fax: 613-567-0658

Michael Casey, Executive Director
Diane Lanthier, Executive Assistant 236
Donna Miller, Director, Human Resources 213
Laurie Tennian, Volunteer Manager 209
Keely Whitford, Human Resources Assistant 204
Ingrid Fischer, Director, Business Development 238
Jean Roxas, Manager, Business Development 214
David Shanks, Manager, Communications and Marketing  
David Dern, Manager, Fundraising
Gonzalo Rodriguez , Fundraising Officer 229
Lindsay Naish, Engagement Assistant 233
Brian Coburn, Director, Operations 223
Sharon Alexanian, Corporate Finance Manager 220
Tasha Pierre, Accounting Assistant  227
Nassir Ali Adem, Project Finance Manager  210
Ana Gonzalez, Finance Officer  245
Kathy Chen, Finance Officer  216
Nathan Medema, IT and Office Manager 248
Program Team
Fresnel Devalon, Country Manager, Rwanda and Program Manager, Ghana 203
Gioconda Ortega-Alarie, Manager, Programs 232
Philippa Wiens, Manager, Programs 253
Shannon Johnson, Manager, Programs 221
Andrea Kohut, Program Manager, Peru 217
Andri Mulia, Program Manager, Indonesia 211
Adiba Karim, Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist 212
Calais Caswell, Sector Specialist, Gender and Environment
Kate Wetherow, Knowledge Management Specialist 226
Chima Okonkwo, Project Assistant 208
Gabriela Carbo, Project Assistant 241
Eli Froese-Germain, Project Assistant 215
Staff outside Ottawa:  
Merinah Kukunda, Office Manager, Africa Region  
Lydia Makuch Phillips, Country Director, Colombia  
Solomon Mwongyere, Country Manager, Sierra Leone  
Fre Wolde-Michael, Country Manager, Ghana
Innocent Muhureza, Regional Field Manager, Africa