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Sustainable and integrated agricultural enterprise development is a key component of inclusive economic growth in many developing countries. CCA works directly with agricultural producers to create and strengthen agricultural co-operative enterprises so that farmers can better identify market opportunities, improve quality and quantity of production using environmentally sustainable practices, and increase their control of the value chain. CCA integrates these efforts with financial sector development initiatives to help ensure that producers have predictable and meaningful access to financial services, including savings, credit, and insurance.

CCA's work in agriculture can be found in Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Protection of the environment, effective farm management, land rights, both local and export-oriented marketing, innovation, and farmer-to-farmer learning all play a role in CCA's agriculture work.

CCA has been working with the Uganda Co-operative Alliance (UCA) on the Integrated Finance and Agricultural Production Initiative (IFAPI) since 2005. The project, which is based in northern Uganda, uses an integrated approach aimed at bringing together production, marketing support and financial services. These three areas of co-operation are essential ingredients of this holistic approach to sustainable economic growth and poverty alleviation. The project provides agricultural training and support to small farmer Rural Producer Co-operatives (RPOs) and links them to Area Co-operative Enterprises (ACEs) which act as marketing co-operative where farmers can access agricultural inputs, and also bulk their produce for better prices. Benefits are realized when members pool their resources together, identifying opportunities and choices and working to attain both individual and collective goals while building on each other's strengths.

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