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Earth Day 2017 - April 22, 2017

On this Earth Day 2017, we reflect on the role of co-ops in creating spaces that enhance climate resilience and address environmental sustainability.

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Co-operatives are businesses that are owned and managed by their members. Together, co-ops provide a wide range of needed products and services at affordable prices. They create jobs, prosperity and opportunities in their communities.

Co-ops are people focused. People use their co-ops to grow, save and connect.

Co-ops are empowering, enabling environments that help build a global co-operative community.

See how co-ops create a space to enhance climate resilience and address environmental sustainability:
  1. Concern for Community is Co-op Principle #7! All co-ops are grounded in 7 core principles. Co-ops around the world express their concern for their community through environmentally sustainable initiatives. Some examples include: reforestation, conservation of land and water, recycling, and supporting local environmental causes. 
  2. Co-ops value local knowledge and are a classroom for climate literacy! Co-ops provide a space where members can gain valuable information on climate change concepts, discuss common experiences and share strategies to counter the effects of climate change on their livelihoods.
  3. Co-ops provide access to training and tools to make members more resilient to climate change! Climate change leads to unpredictable weather patterns, which make it increasingly difficult for many smallholder farmers to have plentiful harvests. As members of an agricultural co-op, farmers can gain valuable information to make their farming techniques more resilient and efficient.
  4. Co-ops promote risk sharing and support post-disaster recovery! Climate change is contributing to increased frequency and severity of natural disasters, which are especially damaging to people in less developed countries, and those with limited means. Co-ops promote shared risk management, and members can be better protected when a calamity occurs. Co-ops can also be influential in supporting recovery effort following a disaster. 

There is a lot to love about co-ops. They let people work together and share the benefits equally while building their savings, assets, and most importantly, a sustainable livelihood. Show your love for co-op principles by:

  1. Volunteering for a local co-op
  2. Donating to organizations that support co-op principles
  3. Becoming a member of a local co-op
  4. Speaking out so more people learn about the co-op advantage

We hope you’ll join us on Earth Day, and every day, to make your world a better place.