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Co-operatives work better together

CCA and our partner the Uganda Co-operative Alliance have been working with the IFAPI model in Northern Uganda for the past 10 years. Focus is placed on production and productivity, greater access to financial resources and an improvement in the capacity of co-ops to meet their members' needs. This most recent phase of the IFAPI project boasts over 23,000 direct beneficiary households.

The Integrated Finance and Agriculture Production Initiative (IFAPI) in Action

IFAPI works with pre-existing co-operatives and is divided into three main pillars: BENEFITS OF THE MODEL

• It leads to increased productivity, food security, incomes and access to financial services
Co-operative members get high quality training which results in better crops and processing to add value and profit
It enables farmers, both men and women, to acquire leadership skills
Access to credit when farmers need it means better inputs at planting and the ability to hold out for better prices after harvest.
• It is a sustainable way of empowering farmers as it creates self reliance
• It establishes an orderly and fair marketing system that is owned and governed by its farmer members
• IFAPI gives a head start from subsistence farming to farming as a business

About 150 farmers join to create an RPO. RPOs allow for joint planning and purchasing to maximize individual farmers' profit margins.
Five to ten of those RPOs join together to create an ACE.
ACE co-op
ACEs provide training opportunities to increase production and help to market that produce on behalf of their members through contracts with organizations like the World Food Program.
The farmers as well as the co-ops (RPOs and ACEs) have access to credit and financial services as members of their SACCOs. Credit is available when it is needed, so farmers don't have to sell their crops when prices are at their lowest.
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